Well, it's the end of the road for another fantastic sitcom, unfortunately. After 11 seasons, the five-time Emmy Award-Winning series for an Outstanding Comedy will air its final-ever episode on Sky One tonight.

To help spread the happiness that the series has created over the past few years, we've decided to create a 'Modern Family' quiz to cherish those memories that the dysfunctional family has provided us with.

From Cam's bespoke shirt cuffs, to Gloria's fiery Columbian nature, Claire's love for Halloween, and Phil's constant need to always try to be the "cool dad" - we'll always the remember the series with huge fondness. And anytime our families attempt to take a group photo together and fail spectacularly - we know who it'll remind us of.

Here's our 90-second 'Modern Family' quiz, let us know how well you do in the comments.