Believe it or not, Modern Family has now been on our screens for eight seasons since 2009.

The mockumentary comedy has sparked the careers of Sofia Vergara, Eric Stonestreet and reminded us that Ed O'Neill was a hugely funny actor. It also had some great cameos along the way and gave us our hero, Phil Dunphy.

But, like all comedy shows, things begin to creak and crack when time sets in and Modern Family is no different. In an interview with People Magazine, Eric Stonestreet admitted that the end is on the horizon for the show and that he and the rest of the cast are looking to the future post-Modern Family.

"People think the show has slipped, or whatever, and I think it’s absolute craziness! I think the show has been so consistent. It’s easy to write that the show has dropped off when you’re not the one tasked to come up with 200 episode ideas and three stories in every episode.”

Stonestreet went on, explaining that "we’re now sort of in the twilight of the show," and that what's keeping everyone going is "that we’ve had this great opportunity for the last seven, eight years, and it’s coming to an end.”


It's understood the cast is signed up to the end of the season and, beyond that, is anyone's guess. Stonestreet admitted he had no clue how long more was left in the show, but speculated it had at least one season left.

As we mentioned, pretty much everyone is moving on. Eric Stonestreet starred in The Secret Life Of Pets this year, Ty Burrell had Finding Dory, Sofia Vergara had Hot Pursuit last year with Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Hyland is apparently set to star in the TV movie remake of Dirty Dancing as Baby Houseman, and even little Manny - Rico Rodriguez - is doing an art film next year with Matthew Modine and Kate Mara. Really.

In other words, the end is near for Modern Family - so we all need to get used to the idea of never seeing Phil Dunphy again (unless you count re-runs and you know this show is going to clean up on that front.)


Via People