In a wide-ranging interview on 'This Morning', the actor turned comedian turned author spoke about her colourful career to date, as well as her first encounter with quite an infamous Hollywood actor.

Miriam Margolyes has let rip on Leonardo DiCaprio, saying that when she first met him on the set of 'Romeo + Juliet', he was "a bit smelly".

The actor and comedian is busy promoting her new paperback version of her memoir 'This Much Is True', and had the opportunity to join Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in the 'This Morning' studio to talk about some of the stories which feature in the book.

Touching on the time she starred in the Baz Luhrmann production from 1996, the 'Harry Potter' and 'Call The Midwife' star play the role of Juliet's nurse (who was played by Claire Danes), and made quite a strong connection with Danes' co-star DiCaprio.

The pair went on shopping trips together while filming the blockbuster in Mexico, but she admits that at the time of filming, when DiCaprio was aged just 21, the actor who would go on to lead the likes of 'Shutter Island' and 'Inception' didn't smell all that great. In fact, she used to tell him to "have a wash".

Here's the Miriam Margolyes segment where she talks about Leonardo DiCaprio (and her poor TV researcher Dillon, who gets dragged into the deodorant talk), which is just such a tonic.

The 81-year-old didn't stop with the funnies there, as she also struggled to keep her foul mouth in check while on the sofa with the two presenters, cracking both of them up as she attempted to keep her potty mouth at bay for the early-morning viewers.

Margolyes also spoke about the time she had a radio gig which was rather x-rated, as well as details about an upcoming documentary she stars in where she travels all around Australia.