If you're lucky enough to own two or more properties, the smart thing to do is to rent them whenever possible, even as a holiday home.

It's savvy business sense, a good source of income, but the problem is you very often don't know precisely who you're renting it to. That's what Miriam Margolyes found out the hard way, as she revealed on last night's 'Graham Norton' and cracked up Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Cummings and Sharon Horgan in the process.

Essentially, Miriam Margolyes' holiday home was being rented by a criminal gang who were using it as drop-off point for smuggling cocaine into the UK. Helicopters would land on it, drop off the cocaine, and then bring it into the country.

All of which, Margolyes pleaded with the police, was going on without her knowledge. She's still renting the house to this day, and was even giving the particulars during her anecdote. Of course, with £13 million going through the house, she should have tried for a higher rent.

Take a look.