Yep, Mila and her fella Ashton Kutcher are set to reunite once more in sitcom world, as she is due to make an appearance in his show Two and a Half Men (yep, that is STILL going). She will play a free-spirited, world traveller named Vivian, who manages to steal Waldon's (Ashton) heart, just before he is about to propose to another woman.

The two previously played love birds on That 70's Show back in the day, and of course now they are real life love birds. The pair have been swamped with engagement rumours, with Mila recently appearing with a diamond ring on her hand, so unless she is just messing with our heads, we'll assume it's true.

Kind of a lovely story though all the same, isn't it? Meeting as young ones, then parting for years as one of them married someone twice his age, and then reconnecting again as grown ups. It's like a real life rom-com they would star in, although let's hope they never actually make a real life rom-com of it. Oh God, they will, won't they?