Convicted drug mule Michaella McCollum has reportedly signed a six-figure deal to present a true crime documentary series about international drug smugglers.

The source, which spoke to MailOnline, did not specify which production company or television channel will be broadcasting the series, but did say that Michaella was in Liverpool specifically to interview drug dealers from the city. MailOnline's source said that "Michaella was meeting with potential interviewees for her new documentary series. There are several international drug dealers from the city and this is going to form a few episodes of the series."

As well as this, their source also apparently confirmed long-held rumours that Michaella McCollum and her accomplice, Melissa Reid, are apparently in negotiations to star in Celebrity Big Brother - as this year's theme is pairs.

Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid were convicted of attempting to smuggle eleven kilos of cocaine - worth £1.5 million - from Peru to Spain in 2013. Both were sentenced to six years in jail, however McCollum was released after two years in jail.


Via MailOnline