"I was worried about that show, about changing people's perceptions of me, and about being in the hands of editors. You know, you look at people like Cheryl Cole and you are like, 'This is going to put me on another level' - but it doesn't. Nobody came up to me and said, 'I loved it when you told someone they couldn't sing'. You only get to another level in my job if you are really funny and you keep coming up with better stuff than before. You are just a cog in a big machine, and the agenda is not to make you look good. No. In fact, they will sacrifice you in a heartbeat for the sake of the show. And people put up with that, because it creates news. I just found it a little uncomfortable."

So uncomfortable in fact that viewers across the land could hear his bum cheeks squeek together for the duration of each programme. I think the real issue was he wasn't allowed to skip. The wind was taken out of his fringe... Replacement David Walliams, however, has no such issues, what with his willingness to share the stage with others, which is largely thanks to him not being as anally retentive. Read into that what you will.