The Night Of was, undoubtedly, one of the best TV shows to debut this year.

The crime drama featured some incredible performances from John Turturro, Riz Ahmed and Michael K. Williams, who's starred in a number of HBO productions down through the years. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Williams was quizzed about his time on The Night Of and rightly pointed out that although a second season of The Night Of would be brilliant, it's probably not the best idea.

"HBO would be deaf, dumb, and stupid to not want to do another season of this," explained Williams. "However, from what I gather from Richard Price and Steven Zaillian (the two showrunners of The Night Of), there is no amount of money that you can just throw at them to piece together a shabby excuse for a season 2 of what we created. If it didn’t fit, it ain’t happening."

It makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider how quickly the second season of True Detective was rushed into production without any kind of thought put into it. Moreover, some things work best as a single series rather than trying to draw it out for no other reason other than it's successful.

Take Heroes, for example. A brilliant first season and could have been easily wrapped up there and then. But no. It went out for ages and ruined it for everyone.

Still, a second season - at some point, if it works - for The Night Of would be pretty great.


Via EW