You'll know him best as Marty McFly (or perhaps y'know, the lad from Spin City), but now Michael J Fox is set to paint a whole new televisual portrait of himself, with his return to NBC at the head of The Michael J Fox Show. You have to admit, it isn't every actor who can helm a series that's named after him, eh?

The Michael J Fox Show tells the tale of, well, Michael J Fox, a retired NBC news anchor with Parkinson's Disease who ultimately elects to head back to work after spending a bit too much time at home. The actor rips the ultimate piss out of his own condition, and you can catch some of the gags in the trailer for the show which dropped in the last 24 hours. We're particularly loving the Enrique Iglesias.

We have to say, we're absolutely delighted to see Michael back on the small screen. He's been making quite the impression on The Good Wife as a hard nosed lawyer, but you can't beat this fella when it comes to a bit of situation comedy.

The Michael J Fox Show debuts on NBC this autumn, and we'll give a big gold star to the first Irish network to pick it up.