Never were we more surprised to see any 'celebrity' in the jungle than we were to see newsreader Michael Buerk there. He's an intelligent man, surely he can think of a better way to spend his holliers than in the Australian jungle with a whole load of random celebs? Apparently not, it seems, but he did prove entertaining in there... in his own way. 

Buerk became the third celebrity to leave the jungle last night and he couldn't have been more delighted to be leaving. He is almost seventy in fairness so no doubt the aul starvation and mental torture they put these lot through, was you know, starting to grate.

He did say the people in there weren't as bad as he expected though, telling Ant and Dec, 'I thought they'd all be tossers'. There was one person in particular he unexpectedly got on very well with and that was rapper Tinchy Stryder. An unlikely bromance formed between these two with Buerk saying; 'It was the attraction of opposites really. He's one of these guys that the more you get to know him, the more there is to get to know."

It really has been just all about the guy love in this series of I'm A Celeb, hasn't it?