How exactly do people deal with being the object of desire for other people? Specifically, how does Michael B. Jordan handle it?

If this appearance on 'Graham Norton' is anything to go by, the answer is "Quite well, actually" and he'll even offer to pay for your orthodontist after you snap your retainers. The story, as Michael B. Jordan recited, was that a young woman snapped her retainers after seeing the actor shirtless in 'Black Panther'.

Jordan, being the good sort that he is, apologised for his pectoral muscles causing dental damage and then even offered to pay for the work to repair them. Honestly, who'd do that? The woman in question was thankful for the offer, but declined and instead asked for a photo.

Good that she's got insurance and everything, but you've got to imagine that photo will cause even further dental damage.

It didn't stop there, of course. Norton had a few tweets lined up, which ranged from the downright bizarre to the possibly flammable.

Take a look.