No, wait, Harry. His name is Harry. That's our fault. Prince Harry. Sorry, we don't yet possess the technology to edit headlines so that's just going to have to stay like that for all eternity.

Yes, Meghan Markle - who plays Rachel Zane in Suits - has not yet renewed her contract for the upcoming season of the long-running legal drama, setting off rumours that she's to quit the show in order to move closer to Prince Harry.

Markle currently lives in Toronto, where Suits is filmed, and obviously Prince Harry can't live there - probably because of some old royal law or something. NBCUniversal, which produces Suits, has yet to confirm or deny if Markle is quitting the show and there's been no word for Markle herself either.

It's understood she and Prince Harry have been dating since early 2016, however Markle herself only came forward and acknowledged that it was serious in an interview last month with Vanity Fair.

So who's going to act as the moral conscience for Harvey Specter now? Who's going to repeat everything everyone says in a scene? How are they going to write her out of the show? Does anyone even watch Suits anymore?


Via The Sun