The former Royals are attempting to make it big in Hollywood.

According to sources, a Meghan and Harry TV series is doing the rounds, from the pair who famously stepped down from their active roles and forgoing their "Royal Highness" titles. They are said to be pitching a new TV series to Hollywood executives.

The concept of the TV series remains unknown at the moment, as well as whether it is scripted or unscripted, but the pair of them are believed to be shopping their idea around in the past few months. The couple, who now live in LA after first leaving the UK for Canada, are believed to have been in touch with NBCUniversal, who are behind Meghan's former series 'Suits'.

However, the couple's new TV series idea will not see them act or star in their pitch, and instead, they will act as joint producers on the project.

Meghan of course is no stranger to Hollywood, having been a TV star on the hit show before meeting Harry. The former actress starred in 'Suits' for the first seven series of the TV show as Rachel Zane.

More recently, she narrated Disney+'s new documentary 'Elephant', which followed the story of an African elephant Shani and her son Jomo as they embarked on a journey across the Kalahari Desert with their herd.

In terms of what this new Meghan and Harry TV series could be is anyone's guess. They are both very active about combating climate change, so it could be a new docu-series about such a topic. Although with Meghan's background in acting, and bearing their previous jobs in mind, it most likely will be a scripted drama series. We'll find out more details on the project as they emerge.

Via Variety.