If the recent final episode of How I Met Your Mother has proven anything, it's that there are a LOT of fans of the series out there, so there is inevitably a huge amount of curiosity about this planned spin-off. Greta Gerwig has been cast in the lead as we know, but it's just emerged that Meg Ryan will be voicing her older counterpart in the same vein as Bob Saget did in the the orginal show.

Seeing that Meg was the romantic comedy queen back in the day, it kind of feels like a fitting choice that she would land this role. The actress hasn't really done much the last few years acting wise as has taken the time to focus on raising her adopted child, who is now nine.

The spin-off, in case you are wondering, is not going to feature any of the original cast, and is pretty much a whole different story. Initially it seemed that after nine long seasons of the original show they might be pushing it a bit with this idea, but now gotta say, we're warming to the idea, and with this new addition of Meg Ryan, it's definitely starting to shape up nicely.