The Irish version of Blind Date is on the way and while we have known for a while that Al Porter will be Ireland's answer to Cilla Black, yesterday we found out that actress Tara Flynn will be our very own 'Graham'.

For those that may have missed out on Blind Date the first time round, 'Graham' was the show's announcer who would introduce contestants and give a handy summary of them all before the lucky suitor was chosen.

Originally from Kinsale in Co. Cork, Tara has worked extensively as an actor and comedian in theatre, radio and TV in Ireland and the UK. She came to international acclaim in 2013 for her satirical video Racist B&B, for which she was named Satirist of the Year at the Swift Satire Festival. She was a founding-member of comedy singing trio The Nualas and she has performed as a stand-up comedian all over Ireland & Britain and at festivals including Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tara is also the author of the best-selling 'You're Grand: The Irishwoman's Secret Guide to Life' and 'Giving Out Yards'.

We had a chat with Tara about her new gig and she couldn't be happier about it: "I'm not going to lie, I have been biting my tongue for weeks because I have never been so excited in my entire life. I never went out on Saturday night unless Blind Date was finished."

On taking over the role of the iconic 'Graham', Tara insisted she wouldn't be trying to be an exact replica: "It's impossible shoes to fill. That's why it's good that it's different because there will never be another Cilla, there will never be another Graham."

The show is currently filming in The Helix so Tara has been getting a frontline view of proceedings and what kind of contestants we can expect; "They're quite nervous beforehand. It's a big deal. They're not performers, they're real people.

"It really is interesting to feel those nerves in the air, because I've always watched it at home and just to feel that electricity - this really is dating. When that screen goes back, we're just as excited to see what their reaction will be."

Tara admitted she can total empathise with what the singletons are going through too; "I was single until I was 39, I only met my husband then. I've run the whole gamut. When you're single that long, every possible thing happens. I am genuinely sitting there with my heart in my mouth for these people going 'I know what it's like! I feel your pain!'," she laughed.

"Getting the hopes up and then the hopes fading. Taking a break and then going back in again, but the tradeoff is, it's very exciting," she said.

"I think a show like this is so amazing because it's people at their best. They're all dressed up, they're looking for love, they're out to have the craic and you can't say fairer than that. I think we really need something like that on telly at the moment."

Tara also couldn't have higher praise for Blind Date's host Al Porter; "He's amazing. He's the perfect person for this gig. I honestly couldn't think of a better host for something like this. He's not just funny, he doesn't just have the one-liners and ad-libs, he makes people feel comfortable and he's genuinely interested in them."

There is no transmission date as of yet for Blind Date on TV3 but it will definitely be on your screens this side of Christmas.