'The White Lotus' finale is just around the corner, but what's about to go down?

Meghann Fahy stars as the secretive Daphne in 'The White Lotus' season two, the only hotel guest we know for sure can't be one of the victims at this luxurious resort - after all, she's the one who discovered the floating bodies in the opening episode.

Fahy appeared on two chat shows this week promoting the series' finale, and of course, she's remaining schtum about how it all unfolds. However, she did tease on the 'CBS Mornings' day-time show that what happens during episode seven of the hit HBO show would be "epic". When asked if Daphne could be the murderer, she said "it could be any of the guests".

Before Fahy managed to get her role of Daphne in the second season of 'The White Lotus', she earned praise for playing Sutton in four seasons on 'The Bold Type' (which you can stream on Netflix).

However, it turns out Meghann Fahy was originally up for a role in 'The White Lotus' season one, but eventually lost out to another actor. While Fahy remains tight-lipped about which role she lost out to, we presume it was newlywed Rachel Patton, a character who joins her husband in Hawaii on their honeymoon but begins to question if she's made a huge mistake. The role was played by Alexandra Daddario and she was nominated for an Emmy Award earlier this year for her portrayal.

Meghann Fahy also appeared on 'Late Night with Seth Myers' this week, and after talking about her dentist for five minutes she told an anecdote about the time she took her co-star Aubrey Plaza on a hike and the pair of them got a little bit lost, both of them morphing into their characters from 'The White Lotus'.

'The White Lotus' season two finale hits Sky Atlantic and NOW on Monday.