The 'Love Island' finalists have finally left that villa for good and have landed back in London from Majorca. The final eight were all reportedly kept on 24-hour aftercare lockdown following Monday night's final for 'fame aid' sessions.

One of the first questions Longford's Maura Higgins was asked by OK! Online when she arrived was why she looked so shocked when Greg and Amber were announced as the winners of 'Love Island'.

Spoiler, it was because she was shocked.

"You know what, I’m not going to lie – I was shocked," Maura said.

"Obviously I love Greg and Amber to bits, but I mean, it’s 'Love Island'. Molly and Tommy have found love, it’s genuine love, and I was without a doubt shocked. I thought they had it in the bag."

When asked if she thought they should have won, Maura responded: "Yes. It is 'Love Island', and they have found love."

Not holding back on how she really feels, as we have come to expect from our Maura.