A few of weeks back, we saw Matthew Perry SMASH the Friend's trivia quiz Graham Norton had set up for him during the show (seemingly one of his producers is a super fan). In fact, he did much better answering the questions compared to the time Matt Le Blanc was faced with the same quiz (his general answer was "meh"). Therefore it comes as a slight surprise that Perry just admitted on Chris Evans's BBC2 Breakfast radio show that he doesn't recall a couple of seasons of the hit TV show... especially as this famed Apartment Quiz took place during Season 4...

When Evans asked what his favourite episode of the show was, Perry responded with honesty: "Oh my goodness. I think the answer is I don’t remember three years of it... Somewhere between season 3 and 6... a little bit of the time, I was a little out of it, yeah."

Matthew tackled his addiction problem head on, and has since become a spokesperson on the matter. Recalling his life as an addict, he had this to say to People magazine back in 2013: "I couldn't stop. Eventually things got so bad that I couldn't hide it, and then everybody knew... I was a hopelessly narcissistic guy, and I only thought about myself, and then that just shifted, and when that happened, I got some true happiness and comfort in my life."

Via Uproxx