Before you get all moany about American remakes never getting the spirit of the original right, know that both Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement - the two creative forces behind the original What We Do In The Shadows - are working on this.

What's more, none other than the Toast Of London, Mr. Reynholm himself, Matt Berry, is playing Lazslo, the goofy roomate to Nandor, the head of the household played by Fonejacker's Kayvan Novak. As mentioned, both Taiki Waititi and Jemaine Clement are involved as executive producers, whilst Clement will direct some of the episodes and Waititi will help with writing.

Deadline reports that the pilot has been ordered by FX, but there's no word yet on if it's been ordered to series and when the rest of mere mortals will get to see it. All of this comes on the back of Waititi's announcement that he's working on a sequel to the original, which will deal with the werewolves that were referenced in the first one.

We're Wolves was announced when Waititi was on the promotional tour for Thor: Ragnarok, but given how he's also been lined up to work on the live-action Akira film, that stop-motion film about Michael Jackson's pet monkey Bubbles and a few other things, it'll probably be a while before we see anything come together on that.

Wow, look how long that sentence is. Let's round this out with a clip from What We Do In The Shadows.


Via Deadline