Although it had some real moments, it's safe to say that Marvel's Luke Cage was something of a disappointment.

As we said in our review, it felt like the whole season could have easily dropped two or three episodes and would have made for a much more tighter show. As it stands, it's still a very good show - but it is the weakest of the Marvel Netflix adaptations, by fair.

Well, here's hoping the second season corrects some of these errors as Netflix announced today that Luke Cage is being renewed.

Despite the middling reviews for it, Luke Cage was hugely successful for the streaming service. In fact, the first season was so popular that it literally crashed Netflix on the weekend it arrived.

No official date has been confirmed for Luke Cage's second season, but it's likely to be some time in 2018. The next series up from Marvel's stable is Iron Fist, due on March 17th of the new year whilst Defenders is slated for later in 2017.

After that is anyone's guess, to be honest. Jessica Jones' second season has been confirmed and so to has Daredevil's third season. Our guess? It'll be Jessica Jones first up after Defenders, Luke Cage second and Daredevil third.

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