It seems like it's the battle of the Marty's over in RTE, as The Sun has reported this morning that Marty Morrissey will take over from Marty Whelan as the host of Winning Streak. What sweet madness is this? Where's Marty W and his hair plugs going to go? And can Winning Streak really keep up with Marty M's fake tan demands? Poor Sinead will be as white as a ghost beside him.

The news comes in from a source in RTE, who says - get this: "Winning Streak celebrate 25 years on air next year but it needs to lose the blue rinse brigade and connect with a younger audience.” So, the plan is to change 57 year old Marty for a eh, 53 year old Marty. The reasons being apparently the young people go mad for a bit of Marty Morrissey. The source said: "Kids go to Halloween parties with orange faces dressed up as Marty. Young people love him.”

The GAA commentator has proven a hit down the years alright, but that doesn't mean we want poor Marty Whelan to be sent out to pasture. And does this mean Marty M won't be pitch side anymore?

So many questions. And so many Marty's. One thing that is for sure, the inevitable Gift Grub sketch about all this in the morning should be hilarious.