While attempting to promote his latest TV show - that being a documentary called Heavy Horse Power, which is due to air on ITV at 9pm next Thursday (Feb 7th, he wants to see "the working horse make a comeback in British farming", because UK television is currently obsessed with the past) - Martin Clunes went on a bit of a rant about his axed ad campaign with Churchill insurance. You know, the one where you'd get him mixed up with the nodding dog.

Speaking of the company dropping him last November, Clunes said: "I was very surprised by their reaction. It was neurotic and very heavy-handed. Quite rude, actually. They never said goodbye. They never said thanks. They washed their hands of me completely."

Martin, they're an insurance company, and you were caught speeding, got 12 points on your licence and then banned from driving. They also dropped Vic Reeves back in 2005 when he was caught drink driving. Perhaps arrange a meet up and you can both wallow about how blameless and hard done by you both are.