A spin-off to the 80s/90s sitcom is in the works apparently and is set to focus on the character of Bud Bundy - now a fully fledged grown up. Although he'll still always be that quick-witted teen constantly getting it wrong with the ladies to us.

E News has reported that Sony Pictures Television is taking out a pitch for a new series based on David Faustino's character, although Sony have yet to confirm. We're pretty sure that's because nobody is ready to officially announce it yet (oops) as Christina Applegate was pretty cagey about it when asked earlier this week. The star joined fellow cast members of the sitcom for Katey Sagal's star on the Walk of Fame ceremony in Hollywood.

She said of the spin-off; "We're going to do something with Dave maybe. I don't know if it will be in character," she spilled. "But I don't really know. I don't know what that's going to be. I don't know if I'm allowed to speak on that at all. So I should probably stop talking about it right now!"

The cast themselves have always talked about doing a reunion too but in fairness they have been kept pretty busy. Sagal is just finishing up on Sons of Anarchy, Ed O'Neill is of course taken up with Emmy award winning comedy Modern Family, and Christina Applegate, well, she's always been kept going since the show ended really what with Anchorman and whatnot. David Faustino though? He could do with the work.

Sagal told E News on Tuesday; "We've talked about [a reunion] every year, but then there are so many pieces that have to be in alignment that for some reason it never happens. But we love each other. Well, we're all working now, so it's hard to find the time!"

Who exactly would star in the spin-off alongside Dave is not yet clear, we reckon they would probably all stop by every now and then. Here's hoping they use that brilliant Frank Sinatra theme tune too, that has to be up there with 'Fresh Prince' for people pretty much coming out of the womb knowing the words to.