Well this is welcome news for fans of Entourage, there's more Wahlberg style comedy on its way to HBO as the producer is re-teaming up with the show's executive producers Stephen Levinson and Ally Musike for a new comedy series.

The show will be called Hyena, and similar to Entourage, it will follow the story of a guy in the entertainment industry, which according to Deadline, is based on radio host Jude Angelini. It will be based in part on Angelini's own book of the same name which is a collection of autobiographical stories. It's basically taking a comedic look at the life of a radio host.

Can this trio recreate the magic of Entourage? Here's hoping, as even though the show does have a much anticipated movie on the way, we'll need something in the aftermath to fill the void the Vince/Ari Gold void that's in all our lives.