As many actors love to remember, a lot of their early working career was mixed with work low-wage jobs, often in the service industry.

Of course, what it teaches you is to A) be grateful for acting work, B) how to stand on your feet all day and not get tired) and C) how to deal with people. Most of the time for actors, it's table service jobs, but for David Schwimmer and Mark Ruffalo, it was one step further.

As it turns out, both of them worked in the same cheesy '50s diner called Ed Debevic's Restaurant and found out about during last night's 'Graham Norton'.

The only difference, however, is Ruffalo worked in the LA one while Schwimmer worked in the Chicago one - a fact that Ruffalo roared to life when Schwimmer told his story.

Ruffalo, as it turns out, didn't have to go as far as Schwimmer did when it came to working the '50s theme of the restaurant. Schwimmer, it turns out, had to go on roller-skates. This is basically that time Monica worked in a '50s restaurant on 'Friends'. In fact, it's probably where they got the inspiration from.

Take a look.