Forget the Osbournes, the Kardashians and the errr, Honey Boo Boo's, the Wahlbergs are coming to a TV screen near you, with a new reality series by the name of Wahlburgers.

Y'see Boogie Nights star Mark Wahlberg and his New Kids On The Block turned Blue Bloods brother Donnie are teaming up to co-produce and star in Wahlburgers, a show set in their family's, you guessed it, burger restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts.

As per Rolling Stone, older brother Paul is the head honcho at the restaurant and will feature far more prominently than either of his famous siblings. As that other famous bloke (who looks a wee bit like Marky Mark) would say, how do you them apples, eh?

Oh and speaking of Donnie Wahlberg, he'll be hangin tough with his New Kids on The Block bandmates in his own Reality TV series titled Don't Rock The Boat. We sure would like to know where he got the notion for that one...