The trailer for the second season of the award-winning The Handmaid's Tale dropped over the weekend and it followed with the news that Marisa Tomei is set to join the cast.

The Spiderman Homecoming actress will appear in the second episode of the upcoming season although we know very little about what role she will play.

The show's executive producer Bruce Miller said at the TV Critics press tour (via The Hollywood Reporter). "In episode two, we have a colony story, and we're very excited to have Marisa Tomei."

He added that while the story has moved on from the books, Maragaret Atwood's influence is still strong: "I wouldn't predict too much about season two from season one. And I don't think anything we do is post-Atwood. I think we're living in an Atwood world.

"We saved a lot of things from season one that we weren't able to cover. It's just an expansion of the world. We're certainly not beyond the story that she was telling. She's still the mother of this series."

He continued: "The scary things in this series, some of them are happening today. We have a few more months to go before we premiere, and currently things can catch up with us."