Those of you who have found yourselves accidentally addicted to Big Brother this year (TV3 have a lot to answer for) will know of the shenanigans Marco Pierre White Jr got up to on the show with fellow housemate Laura Carter.

The pair didn't hold back on their relationship together and caused quite a bit of scandal when they slept together on the show, as Marco had a fiance in the outside world, Kim Melville-Smith. He said he was given a 'hallpass' when he went into the house, and he certainly made the most of that.

Marco was evicted from Big Brother on Friday night, and since then the engagement has ended. In an interview with Heat magazine, model and fashion designer Kim said Marco had always planned on getting involved with someone in the house.

"This is his game plan," she said. "He told me before he went in the house that he needed to have a relationship."

"He said: 'Kim, I love you so much, I really want to marry you, please think of this as all acting.' But I didn't think it would affect me like it had. I physically threw up when I saw him kissing that girl.

"I obviously didn't think it through. I wish I hadn't given him the hall pass."

Kim went on to say; "I did give him permission to have a relationship on the show, that was his plan. Not to have sex. I said, "If you have sex, that's it, we're through.' I never thought things would happen so soon."

Kim also didn't mince her words when it came to Laura either, saying 'she's an absolute f***ing bitch'.

Kim's interview appears to have been the final nail in the coffin for their relationship as Marco told Rylan on Big Brother's Bit on the Side last night that he "can't be with someone who chooses to sell stories about me."

Marco and Kim had only been together four months though, and this marks his second engagement of 2016, so you know, it's not altogether too heartbreaking - Laura and himself will probably be engaged by the time the year's out.