Well what else would you do if you wanted your kid to one day sit on the Iron Throne? It's just giving them their best chance possible really. New research in Britain has shown that there has been a notable increase in the amount of kids being named after TV show characters with Game of Thrones proving particularly popular.

Daenerys and Tyrion have both been registered as names this year for the first time, while the name Emilia (after actress Emilia Clarke) moved into the top 100 names in Britain at number 53.

The name Piper also dramatically increased by 267%, following the success of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, while Breaking Bad continues to influence choices, as Skyler, Jesse and Walter are all up.

Seriously, would you really name your baby after a fictional meth dealer? Really??

As Game of Thrones characters go, we would be far more tempted to call the child Arya or Jon Snow.... but that's just us. What would YOU name your hypothetical Game of Thrones baby? Answers on a postcard please.