Best known for his use of eyeliner (amongst other things) in Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell will play the role of history tutor Professor Cornwallis in the new series of Community.

For those of you worried that he might try and replace Chevy Chase in some way, fear not. Chase has agreed to return to the NBC comedy after something of a squabble with Dan Harmon, the show's creator. Chase thought it was a good idea to openly criticise the writers, saying he wasn't confident that they knew what to do with his character, Pierce Hawthorne.

Harmon has since been replaced by new showrunners David Guarasico and Moses Port, so read into that what you will.

McDowell is no stranger to TV, appearing in such shows as The Mentalist and Entourage. It's not been made clear if he'll share any scenes with Matt Lucas, who's also reportedly signed up to appear on the news series.

Series 4 of Community will kick off on NBC on Friday October 9th if you're in the States. If you're in the UK, you'll have to wait 'til it airs on Sony Entertainment Television. Us Irish folk might get to see it on 3e at some point. Maybe.