Before he became the iconic Walter White, Bryan Cranston was best known as Hal on 'Malcolm in the Middle'. Remember that hilarious 'Funky Town' routine?

Thus it's fitting that Cranston was the one to announced there's going to be a 'Malcolm in the Middle' zoom reunion.

You don't even have to wait long for it as it's this weekend!

The cast will be reading the script of the pilot episode to mark the show's 20th anniversary.

The reunion is in aid of the charity Healing California, which "provides free dental, medical, and vision care to those in need."

Cranston announced on Instagram: "Here we are... all are stuck in this five months of quarantine!

"Can you imagine how Hal would have gone bonkers on #MalcolmintheMiddle if he had to stay inside with his five knuckle-headed boys?! Makes me smile to think about that.

"So, if you’ve been missing some silliness in your life, check us out this Saturday night 8/8 for a 20th anniversary celebration of the show’s premiere. The cast is back!!"

Cranston also said there will show memorabilia auctioned off to mark the occasion.

Check out the post below.

The virtual experience is invite-only. Those who want to attend have to enter by making a bid on the Charity Buzz website.

The winner will even get a few minutes to speak personally to the cast.