Friday evening brought the incredible news that Making A Murderer's Brendan Dassey had his conviction overturned after serving ten years for the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach.

It was decided, as so many viewers of the Netflix documentary thought, that Brendan's confession was coerced, with Judge William Duffin saying on Friday;

"The investigators repeatedly claimed to already know what happened on October 31 and assured Dassey that he had nothing to worry about. These repeated false promises, when considered in conjunction with all relevant factors, most especially Dassey's age, intellectual deficits, and the absence of a supportive adult, rendered Dassey's confession involuntary under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments."

Brendan Dassey's former lawyer's frustrating reaction to his overturned conviction

While the news is no guarantee of Steven Avery's innocence, it does put massive holes in the prosecutions original argument, and his current lawyer Kathleen Zellner is convinced that Avery's conviction will also be overturned;

She told WISN News “We fully expected this outcome from an unbiased court that carefully examined his confession. I was just visiting Steven Avery, and he is so happy for Brendan. We know when an unbiased court reviews all of the new evidence we have, Steven will have his conviction overturned as well.”

Kathleen has said she planned to present a 'tsunami' of evidence for Avery's appeal at the end of this month, and now with Brendan out of the picture she will have even more to work with as it as if Steven didn't have any help, it wouldn't have left much time for him to have carried out Teresa Halback's murder.

Part of Steven's alibi was that he was with his nephew Brendan burning garbage in the pit between 7 to 10pm on the day of Teresa's murder, however according to the state, that's when they were burning her remains and cleaning up the evidence in the garage. Now that this has been proven otherwise, it seems unlikely that Avery could have done it all on his own, let alone without Brendan knowing.

No matter what happens however, this is going to make for a hell of a season two.