Should Steven Avery manage to get his conviction overturned as his lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, has claimed could only months away, it looks like one of his first acts as a free an could be to walk down the aisle. 

The subject of Netflx true crime series, Making a Murderer has reportedly gotten engaged to legal secretary, Lynn Hartman. The pair only met for the first time last week after months of communication via letters and phone calls. 

The engagement has already come under attack from Avery's former fiancé Sandra Greenman who featured in the final episode of the documentary series. Greenman and Avery split up earlier this year reportedly due to Avery refusing to convert to Christianity. 

Greenman has slammed Hartman, accusing her of only wanting fame and money. 

However Avery is optimistic about the new romance, quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: "She's going to be my future wife, we'll be laughing forever. I'm happy, she treats me decent, she loves me, she's kind of spoiling me right now. I just want to be happy and enjoy my life, I think I did enough time."

A picture of the couple was posted on the Steven Avery Project Facebook page yesterday along with a request from Avery to respect Hartman's privacy. 

The message concludes on the point that after everything, Avery deserves to be happy regardless of whether or not you agree with his decisions. 

Via Digital Spy