One half of the most popular criminal defense team of all time, Jerry Buting, is releasing a book about the American Criminal Justice system. 

Buting, who rose to fame after the release of the Netflix series alongside his former co-council Dean Strang, says that the book will partly delve into Steven Avery's case but will focus more on attacking dysfunction within the criminal-justice system on a larger scale.

Buting was quick to note that his book is not a response to former state prosecutor Ken Kratz' publishing efforts. In an interview with Action 2 News, Buting said that his book will draw on a whole host of experiences from his 35 year career. 

"I think I have a lot to say that transcends the Avery case," he explained, since "issues that came up in the Steven Avery trial that a lot of people think are unique to that case … are far from unique and happen all too often."

Expect Jerry's book to arrive sometime in 2017. 

Via Vulture