It's been reported in the Irish Sun that a major character will be killed off in the next season of Love / Hate. According to sources close to the cast, the scripts for Season 4 have been sent to the actors. One scene will involve a massive gunfight on the streets of Dublin and a major character will be killed off.

When we last left Nidge and his merry band, the bald-headed gangster was locked away and screaming down the lens at us. The next season is, according to the official press release, going to focus on the legal system in Ireland and the Gardai - led by Brian F. O'Byrne - stepping up their investigation on Nidge.

So who's gonna get the chop? Nidge? Fran? Tommy? Elmo? Aido? Or will it Ciaran Madden, everybody's favourite real-life actual cop who also plays in a band?