To put it mildly, season eight of 'Game of Thrones' was disappointing. But it did provide us with two great TV moments from Maisie Williams, however. One from her character on the fantasy series, and one of herself appearing on Jimmy Fallon's talk show.

Maisie Williams appeared on 'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon' last night via video link, where she discussed her 10-year long relationship with the TV series that started her career.

Williams' character Arya Stark was one of the highlights of the series, and the eighth season in particular (Night King stabby stabby). The character received probably the least annoying ending of all the characters, to which Williams says: "I'm so happy with my ending, and it was just a beautiful end to a decade of my life. And I couldn't be happier with it."

We'd love to know what she thinks of all of the other characters' endings...

The pair reminisced on their April Fool's joke from 2019, in which Maisie pretended to reveal a spoiler for the final season of 'Game of Thrones'. In Maisie Williams' first appearance on 'The Tonight Show', she convinced the audience and everyone watching from home that she had let slip that her character from the show, Arya, dies in the second episode. Now that would have made for an interesting season, going forward.

Here's the full clip.

The next big release that we'll be catching Maisie Williams in will be the often-delayed teen superhero movie 'The New Mutants'. The Josh Boone-directed movie was unfortunate enough to be caught up in the Fox/Disney merger before its release, but now three years after filming ceased, it'll finally be hitting screens. The release date for the flick is set for September 4 here in Ireland, with previews available from August 29.

She's also set to lead the cast in Sky's 'Two Weeks to Live', opposite 'Fleabag' star Sian Clifford. The series begins on Sky One this September.