First of all, this is a terrible idea because Tom Selleck is still going and you just need to put him in a Hawaiian shirt and the Ferrari and he's good to go again as Magnum.

Secondly, was Magnum PI even that good in the first place that it warrants a remake? Who's to say, really. Variety is reporting that a remake is underway and will see a new version of Thomas Magnum returning from Afghanistan to Hawaii who turns his skills as an ex-Navy SEAL into being a private investigator. Magnum will, of course, be joined by TC, Rick and Higgins - although there's no word yet on the Ferrari.

Casting is still a long way off, however the behind-the-scenes producers are Peter Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim, both of whom work on - you guessed it - the reboots of Hawaii Five-O and MacGyver. The only MacGyver was Richard Dean Anderson, folks. The same way the only Magnum PI we'll recognise is Tom Selleck.

No air date has been confirmed, but whoever ends up cast as Magnum better start growing a moustache - and a good one, too.


Via Variety