Mads Mikkelson will be popping onto the tellybox as Hannibal Lecter in April, series creator Bryan Fuller has confirmed, via Twitter of all places. Seems to be taking a leaf out of David Walliams' and Bryan Singer's books...

"#Hannibal requests the honour of your presence for dinner Thursday April 4 10PM @NBC - Saving you a place at the table." Fuller, the man responsible for both Heroes and Pushing Daisies tweeted.

Inspired by the novels of writer Thomas Harris (and Anthony Hopkins' brilliant interpretation we're sure), the NBC series stars Casino Royale villain Mikkelson as the man himself while Hugh Dancy (aka the reason I wish I was Clare Danes sometimes) takes the role of Agent Graham, Hannibal's FBI nemesis (and the show's eye candy, clearly). Graham's on the hunt for a serial killer, and when things get complicated he calls in the not-so-good doctor to help him out.

This is one series thar stands a decent chance, considering the star power behind it; the wonderful Mikkelson and dashing Dancy (have I mentioned that I think he's handsome?) lead a cast that includes Mister Matrix himself, Laurence Fishburne and Eddie Izzard will also be appearing. Fishburne's real life wife Gina Torres (who you have definitely seen on the tellybox before) will be playing his on screen missus.

Torres spoke to Digital Spy a few months back and said viewers can expect the whole shebang: "I've read the scripts, I've seen the first episode and... it is chilling," the actress said. "NBC is really doing something beautiful and smart, and they're pushing those boundaries. It is scary, it is creepy, it is heartening...and this cast that they've assembled - Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne, Mads Mikkelsen - they're really quite a trio."

And in AMAZING news for Sci-Fi fans, Gillian Anderson returns to TV for the first time since 2002 for a three episode arc as Hannibal's psychologist.

Hannibal premieres on US Network NBC on April 4th but there's still no word on whether or not it'll make it to Irish telly. If it does, we have a feeling we'll be watching from behind the sofa, with a bottle of Chianti on standby to steady the nerves...