The BBC are shutting up shop in London and moving all their operations to a brand new gaf just outside Manchester. Of course they can't say goodbye to their historical home without a bit of celebration so they've drafted in Madness to give themselves a proper send off, only this time they're not playing on the roof.

The 80's ska legends (kids, ask your parents, they're the lads who were blasting their tunes from the top of Buckingham Palace last year) are going to play a few songs for us all outside in the car park, before the Beeb broadcasts a special two-hour pre-recorded show about Television Centre.

I know, I know, it's hardly a Late Late 50th schtyle piss up, so why should you care? Well, Terry Wogan features lads, and anything Wogan does is just fine by us. Plus, Parkinson's on, they'll be visiting the studio they used for that Monty Python parrot sketch, and even tracing the route Alan Partridge ran with his stolen Stilton. Ok, that last one not so much, but you get the gist.

There'll also be a bit of Ronnie Corbett, David Mitchell, Mark Lawson, Zoe Ball and Del Boy himself, David Jason. Lovely jubbly.