Made in Chelsea's Costa Rica set season looks set to be ditched after members of the shows crew were involved in a plane crash over the Pacific Ocean. 

A plane carrying several members of the production crew crashed into the Pacific Ocean after the plane was brought down by bad weather. The five people involved in the incident which included two senior producers, two technical directors and the pilot were reportedly unharmed in the incident.

A spokesperson for NBC Universal, who own the production company behind the E4 series released a statement earlier. 

"Four of our Production Team on Made In Chelsea, produced by Monkey Kingdom, were involved in a plane crash today in a resort in Costa Rica. We can confirm that all four people and the pilot are safe and unhurt. No cast were onboard"

"We are grateful to the emergency services in Costa Rica for their assistance in this serious incident."

The cast members were instead staying in a luxury resort with the remainder of the crew. The whole cast and crew is being moved back to London as a result of the incident. Scheduled filming of the series has now been cancelled and it's not yet known whether it will resume in Costa Rica at a later date or be relocated to an alternative location. 

Via Digital Spy