The fresh faced Kevin McCallister is no more as it turns out Culkin is but a mere mortal like the rest of us.

In 2020, the 'Home Alone' star tweeted "Hey guys, wanna feel old? I'm 40. You're welcome." It was that tweet that became the basis of what is now set to be his new show, 'Macauley Culkin's Midlife Crisis'

Culkin is partnering with Lightbox production company for the travelogue series. It will explore what it means to be middle aged, according to Deadline. Questions that Culkin will ponder include: How should we embrace getting older in a society that prioritizes youthfulness? What is midlife success and how is it measured? How can unbridled passion be preserved not just for the youth?

'Midlife Crisis' will be executive produced by award-winning Lightbox co-founders Simon and Jonathan Chinn and Culkin's manager Emily Gerson Saines. The Chinns stated:

"Mack remains as iconic, and as loved as ever - a social media sensation, internet entrepreneur and a hard-working member of his pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band.

"Despite his legendary status, like the rest of us, he's having to confront what it means to be a normal middle-aged guy, with a wife and a new kid who's soon going to be the same age he was when he became a massive global superstar. We are thrilled to be working through our mid-life crises with him on this exciting project."

Culkin added, "Wow, Lightbox. Thanks for reminding me I’m in my 40s. Well, rather than make a big deal about it I figure we should just make a show about it. Makes sense."