Yep, this is really happening, although don't worry, Lucy Beale is not just going to come back from the dead and rock up to the Vic a la Den Watts, she will however feature once more in the soap in the coming months.

The Who Dunnit storyline has captivated EastEnders fans since Lucy was murdered back in April and it looks like the actress is set to return, in what will be a flashback episode showing how and who killed young Lucy.

Hetti Bywater will reprise her role in the week of the show's 30th anniversary, which is also when the killer will be revealed in a live episode.

Hetti told The Sun; "It’s great to be part of the conclusion and find out what really happened the night Lucy Beale died."

While executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said; "When we first created the Who Killed Lucy Beale storyline, we knew that we had to flash back to the night that she died on screen. So much happened on Good Friday 2014 after viewers saw Lucy leave her home and walk off into the night - and this flashback episode will fill in the pieces for the rest of that night, before she was killed. This is going to be an extremely special episode and the pearl within our week of celebratory episodes for EastEnders’ 30th birthday."

The use of flashback is a first for EastEnders and not a technique we are used to seeing on any soap really, although considering the amount of time and energy we've put into solving this crime (what do you mean you haven't?) we think a flashback episode would actually bring the whole storyline to a satisfactory conclusion.

Now all there's left to do is find out who the hell did the damn thing, we are still sitting firmly on Abi, but it's anyone's guess really.... Jane? Lauren?!

Sorry. We're okay.

Who killed Lucy Beale? It's our top 5 suspects, innit