Fans that may be worried that this is the last series we will get to see the shenanigans of Nidge and the gang needn't worry, Love/Hate creator Stuart Carolan is already developing plotlines for the next one.

Carolan told the Irish Independent; "We are developing a sixth series at the moment, so it's not over, no. There is always going to be a possibility that RTE could turn around and say 'We don't want it' - you never know. But I am up for doing another series, I have loads of ideas."

Yeow! Great news, and RTE would want to be as mad as a bag of Love/Hate cats to let the show slip away from them.

Carolan also said he was happy with how the fifth season turned out; "I think the fifth series is solid, but I don't want to jinx it. People might hate it; you can never be 100pc about these things."

If last night's opening episode is anything to go by, we can safely say this season looks to be a belter.