Yep, there's another 1916 drama on the way, this time with the Love/Hate actors that weren't in Rebellion - all two of them - but sure weren't they a talented bunch.

The upcoming TV3 drama called Trial Of The Century will star Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Aoibhinn McGinnity and will be a re-telling of history looking at what might have happened if the leaders of the Easter Rising were brought to court instead of executed.

Tom is set to play revolution leader Padraig Pearse, while his former TV wife Aoibhinn will play grieving mother Catherine Foster, who lost her child during the rebellion.

The two-hour court drama has just begun shooting and is set to air in April or May. Most of the filming will take place around Green Street Courthouse so keep an eye out for good old Nidge and Trish if you're around the Smithfield area of Dublin

Red Rock actor Anthony Brophy, who plays Liam Reid on the TV3 soap, is also set to star in the show as Eoin McNeil - the founder of the Irish Volunteers who tried to call off the Rising.

No official statement has been released from TV3 yet on the show other than to confirm the above, but we will keep you updated.