The nation continues to walk around with their jaws on the ground after last night's blood bath on Love/Hate, it may take us a while to really get our heads around it all to be honest. For one of our favourite stars of the show though, she knew the end of the road was nigh.

Actress Mary Murray who played Janet on the show, sadly met her maker last night, but she told the Irish Independent this morning that she knew her death was 'imminent'.

"My agent mentioned it to me earlier. I didn't know exactly where in the series this would occur as scripts hadn't been released at that stage, so I was glad when Janet made it to the last episode at least."

Fans will have seen the gruesome image of her body as the police investigated the scene where she was murdered. Murray said; "The makeup for the scene] was a big operation. Every now and again a cast or crew member would enter the truck and get the fright of their lives."

“On one of the test days Tom Vaughan Lawlor decided to come to set with his gorgeous little boy Freddie to say hello to everyone,” she continued.

“I turned my head away to avoid looking at him because I knew I would have terrified him if he saw me as I was.”

The actress went on to say how much she loved playing Janet; "She was introduced as greedy and hard-nosed but as time went on we learnt that she would never have survived if she hadn't created this persona for herself."

"She knew the magic was gone but she had an agenda - to ensure her son had a better life. A warped way of thinking - imagining Nidge could be a good father figure to Aaron, but given the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to she thought this was one of her better decisions."

We do hope poor Aarton is going to be alright...