Yes I know, we were only talking about Josh Hartnett yesterday, but he is a popular man at the moment, okay! And one lucky Irish actress will get to be seeing a lot more of him soon.

Love/Hate star Mary Murray, who you will know as Nidge's latest flame, is set to star alongside the Hollywood actor in upcoming drama Penny Dreadful.  Mary plays the 'takes no shit from no one' brothel owner on the show, who we got to see a lot more of this last series.

The new drama Penny Dreadful also stars Timothy Dalton and Billie Piper, and has been shooting a lot around Dublin recently. It features major characters from literature, like Frankenstein and Dorian Gray and what not, all in interweaving stories.

So is she excited about working with the star of Pearl Harbour? Nope, our Mary is more excited about working with director of the series, John Logan. That fella is also the man behind Skyfall and Gladiator though, so in fairness, she makes a good point.

She told The Herald... "just getting to see how he works will be amazing!". She went on to say that it is a small enough part and will only be on set for two days, but sure isn't two days better than none!

"I play a Victorian lady. I can't say too much about the part but it involved a murder scene," [....]"I can't wait to get on set and into the costume."

The Ballyfermot actress has been mostly working in theatre the last few years, but now is fondly known to the nation as Nidge's 'bit on the side'. When asked about Love/Hate she said: "Working on the show is fantastic. It's a very talented cast and crew and a great series to be part of."

So are Nidgey and Janet going to sail off into the sunset together? Or will Trish find out about their fling and completely lose the rag?

Mary wasn't giving anything away though - "It's all very up in the air". She said.

Guess we will have to wait and see. In the mean time, we are still awaiting a premier date for Penny Dreadful, but it should be on our TV screens around mid-2014.