TV3's hotly anticipated brand new Irish soap is not too far off from our screens and looks fairly promising by all accounts. While there will be many relatively unknown actors taking on lead roles, there will be one or two you will recognise, including Love/Hate actress Denise McCormack, who of course played the famous Linda in season two.

Fans of the show will know that hers is a name that caused quite a bit of drama in this latest series as it emerged that Nidge was the one who ordered the pipe bomb that in one way or another led to Linda's death. Fran, who was married to Linda, discovered this little nugget of information from the most peaceful pipe bomber in all the land, and it all went down from there as you know.

Denise's character on Red Rock is called Bridget Kiely, who is a separated mother-of-two described as a 'brassy, malevolent force of nature'. As well as 'selfish, to an almost pathological degree, she is unashamedly sexual and extremely manipulative. She finds your weak spot and exploits it'.

Phew, no messing with her so.

As well as Love/Hate, Denise has also featured in the likes of Raw and The Centre while her role as Linda managed to bag her a Best Supporting Actress Award at the IFTAS in 2012.

There she is below accepting the award for Best TV Show of 2011 at's Erics Awards. (Much better than an IFTA. Obviously.)

As Linda in Love/Hate.