We are liking this lineup for The Saturday Night Show quite a bit, and we have to say, they are pretty on the ball with the Love/Hate guest they have on. Be warned though, spoilers here if you haven't seen last week's episode yet.

Recently deceased Paulie will be on the show, or actor Johnny Ward as he is actually known. Viewers will have seen Siobhan push him to his death on Sunday last while madouuuravit, a demise we really didn't see coming for the character, and Ward himself was said to be very disappointed to be leaving the show so soon. On the plus side though, we all know who he is now, don't we?

The music legend we speak of will be the queen of power ballads, Miss Bonnie Tyler herself. The star played Electric Picnic a few months ago and pretty much defined irony itself as the tent that she was playing in lost power during her performance - it was the Electric Ireland tent, and it happened while she was singing a power balled. Too much lads, too much.

Along with those two, newly-elected Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice will join Brendan for his first major television interview since his landslide victory to discuss what’s first on his political agenda.


Finally, singer-songwriter Jamelia will be on to chat about life after The Voice and what’s next for the British pop star.


The Saturday Night Show is on at 9.50pm on RTE1 on, eh, Saturday, obviously.