Great news, we now know exactly when we can officially catch up with Nidge and the gang again as RTE have confirmed when the show will be returning to air. So get ready to clear all your schedules for Sunday nights for a while as the show will return on Sunday October 12th!

That's only a month away people. Then for six weeks we can revel in the gangland activity of our favourite crime lords. Coola bool wha'?

You can take comfort in knowing too that Stuart Carolan would love to do a sixth season and told the Evening Herald "I love writing it, and getting it on TV. The whole process makes me so happy". He went on to say; "So if this season goes out and people like it, and it performs well, we could definitely do it again. That's if RTE wants it. I don't want to jinx it." No doubt RTE will be banging down his door for him to do it considering that amount of viewers it pulls in.

The writer also said that fans were in for a whopper of a season; "It moves more quickly than previous seasons with more characters and more action. Watching it myself, I found it really exciting".

Dammit October just can't come fast enough!