It's been reported that one of the lead characters on Love/Hate will meet their maker this series and pretty early on too. We know we said it in the headline but here lie spoilers, so if you don't want to know which character will pop their clogs, look away now.

According to the Irish Sunday Mirror, show favourite Tommy (Killian Scott) will not make it through this series. It may not come as too much a surprise as poor aul Tommy was not fighting fit at all in the last series, after being left brain damaged following an attack by Nidge. Last we saw him he had collapsed mid-crime and was left in a coma in the series finale, ultimately saving Nidge's skin really as he botched up the whole sting operation for the Gards.

The source told the newspaper that he won't even make it past the opening episode! Tommy also hasn't appeared in any of the new series posters or trailers so we did kind of expect his days were numbered. Still though, opening episode, at least let us get settled in a bit.

Let's just hope there's plenty of fizzy orange in heaven.